Want to Plan Italy Trip: Here are 10 Things to Avoid


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries on the world and attracts several tourists each year. Most tourists speak none or little Italian and can be a little difficult getting yourself around and it’s not often that tourists find themselves in a soup. Here is a list of things to avoid doing while on a trip to Italy so as to enjoy your trip and make it as smooth as possible:

  • Over scheduling and planning way too much far ahead of the trip: Of all the places in the world, Italy is one country where you can’t expect things to work like clock, in a cent percent organized and smooth manner, more so if you are on a jam-packed schedule. Make sure you leave enough time to hang around at a pizzeria or a disco or a cultural event that you might find more interesting than a visit to some old church in your itinerary. It’s often heard that the best things that people have experienced were unplanned and ‘out of schedule’ visits to such places. So, the worst mistake you can make is to commit visiting too many locations on a short holiday.


  • Tipping everyone: It must be known that tipping is not actually common in Italy nor is it really obligatory. Waiters and other service professionals are paid very highly, even as much as a fresh joiner, so there is no need to tip them. It is well known that American tourists find the need to tip anyone and everyone. So you will need to hold on a bit before you go on a tipping spree. In a lot of places, tipping is even considered rude; so, you will need to be careful!

  • Wasting time standing in ticket lines: During the peaks of seasons, it is common for people to waste time standing in long lines for about a couple of hours just to get a ticket. Make sure you save that kind of time by booking tickets online well in advance. Some things like visits to museums and top tourist places are something that you can plan in advance but make sure you leave enough breather time to spend taking a lazy stroll or an evening shopping.
  • Getting ripped by the gondola cruiser in Venice: Doing a ride on the gondola in Venice sounds like one of the most romantic things to do in the world. But they cost a bomb – something like $65 for a person. You can be sure to get fleeced further if you find a shady gondola driver (who will most likely charge you $130 a person). But if you still want to ride around a boat, consider taking the traghetto boats that are the same size as the gondolas, they a short ride boats that the locals use and cost just around $5 a ride.

  • Fitting Rome City Touring in One Day: Now that is something impossible and highly unrealistic! This beautiful city has so much to offer and getting around this large city will take up quite a lot of time. You will need a good 3 days at least to be able to visit the best places with enough time for shopping and good dining.

Make sure you pick up at least a few simple phrases and simple lines in Italian. Carry a map and do get yourself a good guide, who can speak English!


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