Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing


When it comes to marketing, nonprofits have a few things in common. First and foremost, every nonprofit relies on marketing efforts to attract donors and volunteers. Every nonprofit, no matter how well staffed, could use more marketing resources. And, last but not least, there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish every task on the marketing to-do list.

I’ve noticed these common threads in every nonprofit that I have worked with as a marketing specialist. I’ve watched leaders and volunteers work 14-hour days, stay open late to accommodate clients, and network their hearts out to make sure there is enough money in the bank to keep their lights on. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that marketing sometimes takes a back seat.

However, when it comes to marketing, social media is an excellent tool for nonprofits. Social media can reach donors and volunteers, it doesn’t require multiple staff members to manage, and it doesn’t require a big time commitment.

To help nonprofits get the most out of social media, I’ve created this guide that nonprofits can use as a social media playbook. Whether you’re new to social media, or a veteran, this guide is full of tips to maximize your time and exposure.

Frequently asked questions:

Like any nonprofit, you probably have some questions. Here’s a quick list of the most frequently asked questions that I hear from nonprofits:

Which social media sites are best for nonprofits?

Nonprofits have had great experience with all kinds of different social platforms. Facebook and Twitter are the most common. If you’re just starting out, I would start with one of these two.

If you’re a social media veteran, you might want to try Jelly. It’s a new Q&A platform that lets you interact with a large following of people.

How many social media sites should we use?

You can use as many social sites as you’d like, but don’t over commit. Time is always a factor for nonprofits, so keep that in mind as you sign up for various social sites. If I had to give you a number, I’d say two social media sites is perfect.

How often should we post?

You should post at least once a day to every site that you run. If you can post more frequently, go for it. However, the key to social media engagement is consistency, so set a frequency schedule that you can stick to.

How often should we promote ourselves?

In the social media world, you want to adhere to the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your posts should be interesting content that’s relevant to your nonprofit; the other twenty percent can be promotional. You don’t want to go overboard with promotions because you’ll sound too desperate, which turns off your fan base.


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