Top SEO Strategies for Beating Google Penguin Changes with Your Website Design


The importance of crucial marks is followed in this order- quality of content, social media promotion, user experience, building websites, and SEO. All the aforementioned elements are pretty important components when it comes to SEO strategies. Effectiveness of SEO strategies lie in utilizing and understanding the usage of social media, link building, and written content. Online branding, reputation management and visibility of work is in association with SEO.

Based on broad research, it is recommended to follow the SEO tips to match with the latest Google Penguin updates.

Get Rid of Similar Looking Anchor Links

Your content looks much better without any monotonous anchor links. Make sure that your content looks well written with appropriate graphics. The wiser option for you is to spread links for online branding.

Get Rid of Destructive Domain Names and Detrimental Websites

Before buying a website or domain name, research background and history in order to evade buying spam websites with deprived reputation in eyes of search engines. Once the website is declared disreputable or spam by leading search engine, it is not that easy to get into first page of search engine sooner.

Building Relationship through Social Media

Getting social is the best and highest rated significance. Instead of generating spam links, it is better to plan things to improve your presence online as well as improve the brand reputation. The major objective here is to gain sophisticated preference with the targeted audiences.

Start Building Mobile Friendly Websites

Nowadays, internet browsing is completely through smart phones, tablets, and handheld devices. You website should have mobile interface to offer thought-provoking mobile apps to use the website in easier manner for your mobile visitors. There are several cool mobile designing services as well as templates obtainable online to create customized design. Mobile SEO has got faintly different compositions as well as structure, since consumers use different approach in using their mobile phones for searching.

Develop Appropriate and Quick-to-Respond Design

It is necessary that you review the website design and make elements in the header more reflective for enlightened vision. Your structural mission should be displayed conspicuously. On the ongoing basis, you need to analyse page content, outgoing links, and semantic structure.

Content Characteristics

Your content should be creative, never read, unique, exclusive, to the point, terrific, and non-duplicated.

Content that you develop should have immense power and it is also considered as the best SEO tool. Always, be sure to create innovative and original content; you need to analyse what exactly has to be written in the content, and then start publishing. Later, you can monitor visitors’ reactions and comments. Make this as a habit and keep doing it over and over again.

However, the Google SEO updates for 2013 will certainly affect the white hat as well as black hat users. In order to achieve better results, you need to consult a specialized and professional web design firm. Click here for more information


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