Tips for Buying Corporate Crystal Awards


Corporate awards are offered in every organization and are meant for appreciating hard working employees. They are also offered when an employee reaches a specific milestone in the corporate sector. Crystal awards can be considered as the latest trends in the awarding process. These corporate awards do come in many customized designs.

buy modafinil australia online Difference between Crystals and Glass

Before you choose different types of corporate awards, you need to understand the difference between crystal and glass. Both crystal and glass comprises of enough lead. Lead percentage in glass is around four to ten percent, and in crystal it exceeds 30 percent.

here Types of Awards for Different Occasions

For several occasions, crystal awards are well suited, while for others glass awards may be apt.

Obelisks and triangles are given for recognizing a sales person’s hard work. Plaques are preferred more for donations and financial achievements. Stars are awarded for star performers. The recent trend is engraved crystal trophies and figurines.

In short, you can say that the conventional type of clear crystal awards go well with formal occasions, whereas coloured crystals are considered for all kinds of innovative achievements. You can also find different colors for glass awards.

  • Lead crystals make your award get noticed from a longer distance, since it has got additional shine, clarity, and brilliance.
  • To get the artistic touch of aesthetic, you need to choose optical crystal awards. They have a very good clarity as well as flawless finish.
  • Jade crystals offer a greenish tint to all your awards.
  • Starfire crystals offer a very sleeker and thinner look.

buy Maxalt where Choosing the Trophy Wisely

You need to be very careful while purchasing and choosing a trophy. You have to know little more while you choose. It is recommendable to select taller trophies, if you are planning for a bigger gathering. There are several agents who can help you in making the trophy at best possible price and according to your requirements. You can also choose the trophies from displayed array of colors and designs. You can also print or post a message on the trophy.

You can just Google “corporate crystal awards” to know how to customize the corporate award for your price tag.

Custom Crystal Awards

When you speak about custom crystal awards and trophies, you can get personalization messages engraved. Few basic items that can be used for personalizing the awards are logos, name or award title, award date and recipients name.

Usually, these logos are positioned at the bottom or top. The size and position of the logo depends on the award’s engraving size.

Personalized message can be used as option and it depends on the space available. These messages usually improve sentiment. If you see that short messages aren’t possible, it is better to avoid writing messages on the award. It is recommendable to engrave the awarded date on the trophy. The date represents recognition for the award presented for the accomplished task.


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