Kent Excell: The Best Under-The-Counter RO Purifier for Modern Kitchens


The debate on whether to use water purifier or not exists no more with everyone agreeing unanimously that using a water purifier is must as nearly 90% of the world’s drinking water is contaminated. The new debate that is on now is which the best water purifier is or which purifying technology one should opt for.

Though most people settle for RO water purifiers, a new generation has evolved, which is under-the-counter RO purifier. Until now, people were opting for counter-top or wall-mounted models, but that is fast changing now. This is because the Indian kitchens are getting a facelift and becoming modern and this modernisation dictates that under-the-counter RO water purifiers should be installed in a built-in cupboard or sink.

This type of arrangement that is quite common in developed countries has found its way into India and it actually remains hidden from the view besides saving some space on the countertop. Kent has come with its model Excell for the modern Indian homes that can be installed in the space beneath either the kitchen sink or the countertop. This makes the kitchen appear cleaner as there is nothing mounted on the wall and the purifier remains hidden from the view.

This purifier also has attachments for water coolers and refrigerators that people normally use in the modern homes, the ones with water dispenser. It has a very versatile design that makes it the perfect choice for all the modern kitchens. The technology used in these purifiers is the one with RO + UV + UF. It means that double protection will be provided in terms of purification. It will not only remove the dissolved impurities that make the water harmful, but also has an inbuilt TDS controller, which maintains the desired level of essential natural minerals. The water thus obtained after purification from Kent Excell is 100% safe for consumption.

The normal UV+ RO purifiers also remove the dissolved impurities, including the biological ones, but they are not capable of retaining the essential natural minerals in the process. The water thus is robbed off these essential minerals as well during the purification process, which is not the case with Kent Excell.

It is not that the manufacturer is making tall claims about its product without any concrete proof. The product has in fact been certified by WQA Gold Seal. This is one of the most trustworthy certifications that can happen in the drinking water treatment industry. The certification ensures that the product has been tested for both its quality and performance rigorously and is found to be compliant with all the testing standards and requirements.

The best part of using this product is that it can purify water coming from all kinds of sources, be it the water supplied by water tankers, overhead storage tanks, municipal water through taps or borewells. The latest technology used in this product lets the user adjust the TDS level of purified water. Having purified water storage capacity of 7 litres, it is made of ABS plastic, which ensures durability and longer life.


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