Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Rehab


One of the most important steps, when you have finally selected to beat the addiction, is to select between outpatient and
buy brand provigil online inpatient drug rehab in Arizona. Both the treatment settings have their own advantages which will be discussed in detail in this post.

Congratulations that you are finally ready to seek professional help to tackle your addiction problem. Rehabilitation centers with their impressive success rates are ideal choices for substance abuse problems. However, you still need to select between outpatient and inpatient drug rehab program.

Both the types of rehab programs have their own advantages. Let us have a look at some major differences to help you select.

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Inpatient drug rehab in Arizona is commonly preferred by patients who want to get away from their current environment in their bid to beat the temptation and entirely focus on recovery without any distractions. There are a number of advantages offered by inpatient programs.

Advantages of Inpatient Rehab

One of the most important advantages of an inpatient rehab is the 24×7 care which ensures that you only focus on your sobriety and recovery. With professional therapists and staff, you are never required to battle your addiction all by yourself. Some other benefits include-

Medication administration if required

Individual and group therapy

Supervised detoxification

No distractions

Such programs can significantly vary and can also include alternative therapies like pet therapy, art therapy, massage, exercise, and more. Moreover, scientific studies suggest that inpatient treatment is far more effective for patients who are also suffering from mental problems like depression or anxiety along with their addiction.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

With outpatient programs, you are required to visit the treatment facility on a regular basis. With outpatient treatment, patients can experience great amount flexibility while also receiving high-quality care. This type of treatment usually also includes counseling which is done individually or in groups.

Advantages of Outpatient Rehab

In outpatient treatment, you just live your life like you normally do and are just required to visit the facility at regular intervals. This enables you to keep up with other responsibilities like studying, working, or taking care of your child or parents. The things that you learn at the facility can be instantly applied in your real life to begin making immediate changes.  

Some other advantages of this type of treatment are-

Counseling services

Professional psychotherapy

Informal peer discussions

You stay close to your loved ones and can get all the mental and emotional support

Moreover, many of the outpatient programs also include skills training, education training, mental health care, etc. to help you improve your life. However, a major drawback of this type of treatment is that the patient is never entirely removed from the everyday temptation of substance abuse. As a result, this treatment is usually recommended for patients whose addiction problems are not very severe.

As both the treatments have their benefits, it is you and your loved ones who can decide what is best for you. To overcome an addiction, you need to be entirely involved in the treatment process, and thus it is important to understand and select a treatment that will work best for your recovery.


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