Different Types of Crystal Awards and Trophies


People, who are looking forward for awards and trophies, think of glass and crystal. But when you speak technically, glass materials such as plaques, trophies, and other award forms are made of lead crystal, glass, or optical crystal. You will be surprised if the award is least expensive.

Silica sand is used to make glass, and it also used to make figurines as well as other similar kind of gift items.

You will habitually find glass in greenish form and they are used in gifts and awards. It is also called as jade glass, and refers to the color since it comprises bit of jade. Shade in the glass item is because of higher percentage in the iron ore that it contains.

Crystal Clear Glass

You can see crystal clear glass in several displays, awards, and gift items. It might cost double the jade glass price. The glass that you see here is of best quality and is a true substitute for the crystal.

One type of crystal awards and trophies are manufactured with lead crystal. Apart from plaques and awards, some glassware such as bowls, flutes, decanters, and other such items are manufactured with the help of this material.

Lead Crystal

Lead crystal comprises of higher amount of lead oxide, which is much softer compared with glass, making it more easy for you to polish and cut.

For this particular cause, people who make cut crystals also make use of this material. For awards and also other analogous displays, it can be etched on with images and text as your wish.

Since the lead crystal is simple to work on, this particular material can be scratched and get damaged pretty easily. This is the only reason that engravers concentrate more while using this material. These people also make sure that all other areas are touched at the time of engraving.

All abrasives that are used in engraving procedure may unintentionally hit any part of lead crystal substantially and will completely deteriorate the complete design.

Optical Crystal

Optical crystal is used in telescope lenses and other optical instruments. This optical crystal is characterized by high level clarity that is attributed to lead substitution barium and other metals.

Its sparkle also makes it an ideal material for crystal awards and trophies. Apart from being much clearer when compared with lead crystal, the optical type is much harder. It cannot be easily scratched when compared with the lead type; it is still softer and can be easy to engrave when compared with glass. However, the engraver has to work carefully when working with this material.

Art Glass

Art glass belongs to a category of it own. You would never see 2 trophies of this material type. Each piece is molded with the help of bubbles, glass artist, and other elements that get trapped in this material. As a result, the product’s color, size, clarity, and other qualities are permanently unique.

If all other types are more popular for its clarity and flawlessness, art glass is best for its imperfections and ideal for all awards related to modern organizations.


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