A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Hospital Bed Mattress


There is not one but several factors that have to be constantly checked when it comes to a hospital – the hygiene, the medical equipment and so much more. Another important thing that must be checked is the type of mattresses that are used for the hospital beds.

Most of the patients in the hospital are advised complete bed rest after some surgery or ailment. Therefore, it is extremely important that the hospital beds have the right kind of mattress that suits the patients’ needs and make sure that they contribute to their speedy recovery rather than causing more harm to health and posture. The hospital bed mattress must be of superb quality and must be clean and tidy at all times.

The first thing that must be considered before choosing the right hospital bed mattress is the type of the hospital bed. Generally, hospitals comprise of two types of beds. One is the manual bed and the other is the electric bed. The manual beds have less positioning options, but the electric beds have more options for positioning. Therefore, depending on the type of bed, you must choose the mattress for adjustable bed so that it is not a problem if the bed is changed from one type to another.

Some of the main types of mattresses that you must be looking into when you have to choose the right mattress for the hospital beds are as follows:

  1. Foam Mattress- The foam mattress is said to be ideal for those patients who have recently undergone a surgery or are recovering from it. It is also well suited for those patients who are suffering from a medical condition that requires the legs or the back to be laid in a specific position. If the patient is finding it difficult to get on or off the bed, in that case also, a foam mattress must be chosen. The foam mattress is the most cost efficient and economical choice for hospital mattress and should be used for those patients who do not have to spend more than 10 hours a day on the hospital bed
  2. Pressure Prevention Mattress- If the patient is required to spend more than 10 hours on a hospital bed, then you must choose pressure prevention mattress. This type of a mattress has special features that make sure that the body of the patient remains healthy with no pressure sores and breakdown of skin. These mattresses are made with several layers of gel and foam and are suitable for patients who are immobile or can move around. The weight of the patient gets evenly distributed throughout the mattress and also provides an extra soft heel section so that the legs are not strained and the skin is not prone to acute pressure.
  3. Air Mattress- Air mattress is generally used for those patients who are prone to develop skin ulcers. There are two main varieties of hospital bed air mattress. The first is the alternating pressure mattress, which is used for healing the patient by inflating and deflating the air cells so that less pressure is exerted on the skin.

The second is the low air loss mattress, which is used for patients who already have skin ulcers and are recovering from the medical condition. This mattress has a blower that circulates around the patient and maintains the temperature and moisture.  

All these guidelines will ensure that you buy the right kind of mattress for the hospital bed.


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